A downloadable 2D Action Platformer

A uni project that experiments with rhythm through level design and mechanics. The game tries to get the player into a rhythm through the placements of objects that requires players to act rhythmically to optimize performance.

The game currently and intentionally does not have sound to experiment with the idea.

Update v0.08

-Fixed cave area where falling into pits did not respawn the player

Update v0.07

-Added a 'Beat Element' where jumps and attacks pressed at the right moments will increase attack power. Missed button presses decrease attack power. A 'HIT' indicator will appear on successful button presses and a 'MISS' vice versa. Beat Level is shown at the bottom of the HP bar
Beat Level 1 - Damage increased by 1 to 3.
Beat Level 2 - Damage increased by 4 to 6.
Beat Level 3 - Damage increased by 7 to 9.

-Hero Leveling system added. Gain experience by defeating monsters. Beat Level minimum and maximum damage increases by 1 every Hero Level.

-Fixed dialogue and Boss UI.

-Knockback added to both players and monsters. Still needs major fixes.

-Reduced size of some levels.

For inquires, email : gartoyou@gmail.com

More information

Published245 days ago
TagsPixel Art

Install instructions

Unzip the folder ShroudedEarthBuild

Run ShroudedEarth.exe

If for any reason you cannot run the game, please report back any error messages you receive.


ShroudedEarthDemo v0.07.rar (32 MB)


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Pretty solid platformer. A lot of bugs but overall a fun game